“Rebel Without a Cause”‘ skyrocketed Dean’s fame…

The movie was about a misunderstood teenager. James Dean’s character, Jim Stark, was a rebel without a cause. The film was released after his death, in 1955. It was a posthumous success and is now considered a classic. James Dean is still remembered as one of the greatest actors of all time.

What do we know about James Dean’s family?

James Dean’s father, Winton, was a farmer turned dental technician. His mother, Mildred, was a housewife. James Dean had one sister, Marilyn. James Dean’s parents divorced when he was nine years old. His father remarried and had two more children. James Dean did not have a close relationship with his stepmother or stepbrothers. James Dean’s mother remarried when he was eleven years old. James Dean did not have a good relationship with his stepfather either. He was mostly raised by his Aunt Ortense and Uncle Marcus. James Dean dropped out of high school and moved to California to become an actor.

Vintage Voices- James Dean

This quote will send chills down your spine!

Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.

– James Dean

Dean also starred in:

“East of Eden” and “Giant”. “East of Eden” was released in 1955 and “Giant” was released in 1956. James Dean’s final film role was in “Giant.” He died before the film was completed.

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Stars today that have looked up to Dean include:

James Franco, Leonardo DiCaprio, and James McAvoy.

“He was an extraordinary actor and a true icon of the silver screen. James Dean will forever be remembered as a Hollywood legend.” – James Franco

” James Dean is one of my idols because he was able to play such a wide range of characters so convincingly.” – Leonardo DiCaprio

He was a rebel and an outsider, but he had this incredible sensitivity and vulnerability that made everyone love him.” – James McAvoy

FlashBack Facts: James Dean Edition

3 little known facts about James Dean:

– James Dean was an excellent driver and liked to race cars.

– James Dean had a pet pig that he named “Elwood.”

– James Dean was left-handed.

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