How Did The Movie ‘Jaws’ Affect Pop Culture?

The movie jaws was released in 1975. The movie is about a great white shark that terrorizes the town of Amity Island. The movie was a big hit when it first came out, earning an extraordinary amount of box office money.

Jaws also had a huge impact on pop culture. Unfortunately, many people believe the movie was responsible for glorifying “shark hunting” which has resulted in a severe drop in the shark population. Since the release of the movie in 1975, shark populations have fallen catastrophically.

The movie also spawned a series of sequels, which were also very successful. Jaws is a classic movie that is still popular today and continues to influence pop culture.

Famous Quotes From The Movie Jaws..

“You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat”

Police Chief Martin Brody- (Played by Roy Scheider)

The famous quote, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” is said by the character, Police Chief Martin Brody who was played by actor- Roy Scheider in the movie.

The Famous line went on to become a catchphrase in real life anytime anything went wrong.

About The Director!

Steven Spielberg is one of the most successful directors of all time. He has directed some of the highest grossing movies of all time, including Jaws, E.T., and Jurassic Park.

Spielberg is also responsible for creating some of the most iconic movie scenes and characters in history. His movies have influenced pop culture in a big way and he is considered one of the most important directors of our time.

Steven Spielberg’s movies have earned a total of $9.73 billion at the box office. This includes all of his movies that have been released, including Jaws, E.T., and Jurassic Park.