Scroll below and learn about this very interesting 1960’s toy!

  • How did the name Play-Doh come about?
  • In 1965 which company bought Play-Doh?
  • The 10 most popular toys in the 1960’s
  • Watch how Play-Doh gets made (2 minutes)
  • What did comedian Steve Martin say about Play-Doh?

He was tired of cleaning wallpaper with his vacuum cleaner

Joe McVicker invented Play-Doh because he was tired of cleaning off wallpaper with his vacuum cleaner. He and his brother-in-law, Noah McVicker, founded the Rainbow Crafts Company to produce and sell the clay.

The name came about because Joe couldn’t think of one for it when he presented the idea to his sister’s husband, so he suggested a made up word . It was an instant hit with kids, and by the early 1960’s, Play-Doh was being sold in stores across the country.

In 1965, Hasbro bought the Rainbow Crafts Company and began manufacturing Play-Doh on a larger scale.

They have since sold over two billion cans of the modeling clay.