In 1965, Hasbro bought the Rainbow Crafts Company and began manufacturing Play-Doh on a larger scale.

They have since sold over two billion cans of the modeling clay.

Vintage Voices: What Did They Say?

Famous quote about Play-Doh is often attributed to comedian Steve Martin, who said..

“I owe everything I did in my career to Play-Doh.”

– Steve Martin

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The Truth About Why Play-Doh Was Created

Top 10 popular toys in the 1960’s:

1) Barbies

2) Hot Wheels

3) Etch A Sketch

4) G.I. Joe

5) Slinky

6) Lego

7) Lincoln Logs

8) Mr. Potato Head

9) Silly Putty

10) Yahtzee

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Ever wonder what’s inside Play-Doh – Watch – What’s Inside: Play-Doh, Every Kid’s Favorite Toy-WIRED (2 minutes)