Rewind back to the 1960’s diet craze

The diet craze of the 1960’s was characterized by a growing interest in health and fitness. As more Americans became aware of the dangers of obesity, they began to look for ways to lose weight. This led to the popularity of dieting and exercise programs, as well as the development of new products like diet soda. The Coca Cola company’s introduction of Tab was perfectly timed to capitalize on this trend, and the drink quickly became one of the most popular beverages of the decade.

At the height of the 1960’s diet craze, Coca Cola launched its first diet soda in 1963. With its refreshing taste and easy availability at soda fountains and grocery stores across the country, Tab was embraced by consumers who were looking for a tasty alternative to their usual beverages.

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The sales of Tab continued to grow throughout the decade, and Coca Cola began expanding its line of diet sodas to include other popular flavors like Cherry Coke. By the end of the 1960’s, Coca Cola was firmly established as one of the leading brands in the diet soda industry.

Over the years, Coca Cola continued to develop new variations of Tab, introducing flavors like grapefruit and cherry to further satisfy the growing demand for these low-calorie drinks.

Coca Cola’s diet soda’s over the years:

1) In 1963, Coca Cola introduced their first diet soda: Tab.

2) In 1976, Coca Cola launched Diet Coke, which became one of the most popular diet sodas in history.

3) In 1994, Coca Cola released Crystal Light flavored Coca-Cola Classic.

4) In 2003, Coca Cola unveiled a new version of Diet Coke with Splenda sweetener.

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Watch: Tab Soda To Be Discontinued: ‘I Am Heartbroken… It’s A Taste Of Nostalgia’ (2020, 2:40)

Vintage Voices: What Did They Say?

A famous quote about Tab is…

“I am heartbroken that Coca Cola is discontinuing my favorite diet soda, Tab. It’s a taste of nostalgia for me and I will miss it dearly.”

– Unkown

Coca-Cola announced in January 2020 that they would be discontinuing production of Tab due to declining sales.