When did the strife in the band begin?

Strife in the band began to show during their 1966 US tour. Beatles manager Brian Epstein died suddenly in August 1967, leaving the band without clear leadership.

In January 1968, the Beatles recorded the song “Hey Jude” in an effort to bring some positivity back into the band dynamic. However, tension continued to mount between the members, and in September 1969 John Lennon told the band he wanted a “divorce”. The Beatles officially broke up in April 1970.

John Lennon wanted to leave the band because he was looking for more creative freedom, and felt limited by the Beatles’ rigid structure. Paul McCartney, on the other hand, wanted to keep the band together and continued to work with Lennon in a new project called Wings.

5 issues that led to the Beatle’s splitting up:

1) Brian Epstein’s death

2) John Lennon’s creative freedom

3) Paul McCartney’s leadership

4) Ringo Starr’s musical direction

5) George Harrison’s business decisions

The Beatles were together for a total of 10 years, from 1960 to 1970.

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The Beatle’s Performing’I Want To Hold Your Hand’ – Performed Live On The Ed Sullivan Show 2/9/64

The top 5 Beatle’s songs:

1) “Hey Jude”

2) “Let it Be”

3) “Yesterday”

4) “Help!”

5) “I Want To Hold Your Hand”

Vintage Voices: What Did They Say?

The most famous quote from the Beatles was undoubtedly John Lennon’s statement that they were “more popular than Jesus.” This quote sparked a great deal of controversy and backlash at the time, but ultimately helped to cement the Beatles’ place in music history as one of the most influential bands of all time.

“more popular than Jesus.”

John Lennon Speaking about the Beatles